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Stefan Tarara was born into a musical family in Heidelberg, Germany in 1986 and made his stage debut at the age of four. After earning his baccalaureate in Heidelberg in 2006, Tarara completed his Diploma (2010), an MA in Specialized Music Performance (2012) and an MA in Pedagogy (2015) in the class of Zakhar Bron at the University of Arts in Zurich, Switzerland.

Due to his successes at international music competitions, Tarara was named Musician of the Year in 2008 and 2010 by the German music journal Neue Musikzeitung. In 2015 Stefan Tarara released together with his piano partner Lora Vakova-Tarara the CD “The Sound of the 20s” with works by Bloch, Ravel and Enescu at the German label “ARS Produktion”. The CD was awarded the “” prize right after its release. Tarara won numerous national and international competitions, you can read them on “Prizes”. He already played the violin concerto no. 2 by Henri Wieniawski at the age of 10 and has appeared as soloist with many orchestras: SWR Radio Orchestra, “Münchner Rundfunkorchester”, RTV Symphony Orchestra Ljubljana, Israel Chamber Orchestra, RTV Prague, Philharmonic Orchestra Bucharest, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, and China National Symphony Orchestra, among many others.

Tarara broadened his artistic potential through encounters with a number of internationally renowned musicians inclunding Zubin Metha, David Zinman, Krzystof Penderecki, Yair Kless, Yfrah Neaman and Reinhard Göbel. He also received significant artistic impulses from his participatin in chamber music projects with, among others, Hariolf Schlichtig, Antoine Tamestit, Kalle Randalu, Martin Ostertag and David Geringas.

He has performed on the world’s most famous concert stages including Philharmonie Berlin, Tonhalle Zurich, Salle Pleyel in Paris, Liederhalle Stuttgart, Frauenkirche Dresden and the Museum of Art in Tel Aviv. His appearances at music festivals as the Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival, Salzburger Festspiele, the Verbier Festival, Prague Spring, Bach Festival Leipzig and Heidelberger Frühling have received enthusiastic praise from audiences and critics. Tarara has a keen interest in contemporary music. In addition to performing numerous premieres, Tarara won the Interpretation Prize for his performance of Massimo Lauricella’s work “Kairos” at the International Premio Paganini Competition in 2010. Tarara regularly offers master classes in Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

Since the beginning of 2014, he is Assistant to Prof. Zakhar Bron in Interlaken, Switzerland. Stefan Tarara was between 2010 and 2015 the first concertmaster of the “Mannheim Philharmonic Orchestra”; he is now since 2012 the first concertmaster and Soloist of the “Hulencourt Soloist Chamber Orchestra”.

He plays a violin by Nicolo Gagliano of Naples, thanks to the generous support of the German Music Foundation (Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben).


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[...] if the musical world is looking for a legitimate successor for virtuoso players like Salvatore Accardo and Rugiero Ricci – he could be the one.


Mannheimer Morgen




"Stefan Tarara surprises his audience with a shining technique, a clear, pure, finely spun sound which displays velvety substance in the lower registers and a rare glow in the higher ones, topped with wonderful ease with regards to the outstanding challenges of the piece. But this is not all. The audience was stupefied most of all by Stefan Tarara’s maturity of interpretation in which a feeling for style and musicality are happily combined. … Nothing seemed merely trained, everything was deeply felt."

Mannheimer Morgen


"Tarara is only two years younger than his colleague Julia Fischer, but a much more impulsive player. The young 19-year-old technical miracle loves spontaneous sound, but is also able to interpret his musical part very carefully. He bewitches his audience with his irresistible sound, showing how well he masters passages which are technically extremely difficult."

Ruhr Nachrichten


"There are no limits to Stefan Tarara’s feeling for sound and for the structure of a piece, his delight in the manifold possibilities of expression on the violin and, of course, in the surprising mastery of technical difficulties."

DrehPunktKultur Salzburg


"...with carefreeness and technical superiority. His intonation is flawless; his cadenzas are harmonically and melodically outstanding.

Stuttgarter Zeitung


"...he celebrates good shape and exactness which leave you speechless. Frankenpost He masters expressive melancholy as well as triumphant pathos and exudes the flair of universal violin virtuosity with haunting high notes. The name of this violinist will have to be remembered…"

Darmstädter Echo


"...wonderfully emphatic and musically as well as technically extremely professional…"

Dürener Nachrichten


"It seems as if this violinist’s mastery of sonorous depth, the cantabile, the chastity of flawless arpeggios with their heavenly tender high notes, but also the urgent drama of rising chords is almost unsurpassable."

Heilbronner Stimme



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