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Starting its activity in Italy, at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Solèart Management represents an ambitious project on an international scale promoting young musicians and higher musical education, as well as the knowledge of musical cultures and educational models belonging to different national identities and traditions, because erudite to creativity allows to elevate feelings and imagination towards new heights.


The subject of the action of Soléart Management takes place in the national and international artistic environment thus aiming to create a great synergy between music, young people and society, between various cultural and social realities of today: public and private musical institutions. In order to encourage the international environment to give greater importance to the cultural dimension, to encourage the communication of music and provide to the society the richness of musical thought and the creativity of young people, the projects promoted by Soléart Management aspire to establish themselves in the national and international field through concrete actions.


By partnering with national institutions and international organizations, Solèart Management is characterized by being a cultural organization able to connect different continents and to create dialogue and cooperation between musical institutions, universities, festivals, international foundations, involving young musicians and famous artists from many countries around the world.


The main activities developed by Solèart are: the promotion of young musicians through various artistic projects at national and international level, artistic exchanges between different countries and institutions of culture, the promotion of musical activities, organization of concerts, music and theater performances, organization and promotion of cultural activities and entertainment,  organization and promotion of seminars, competitions, workshops and masterclasses in partnership with other local and international structures.


The recent activities of Solèart Management include several cultural events and concerts in collaboration with major national and international public and private institutions, such as: Ravello Festival, Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romanian Embassy in Italy, “Santa Cecilia” Music Conservatory in Rome, Luna Rossa Productions, Youth Music of the World, Polish Cultural Institute in Rome, Teatro dell’Opera “La Fenice” in Venice, Accademia Nazionale di “Santa Cecilia”, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Accademia di Romania a Roma, Embassy of Kazakhstan in Italy, “George Enescu” International Festival and Competition ecc.



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