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 Appunti Musicali

Schumann e le sue personalità

15 April 2016


Rome, Italy


Rome | Accademia di Romania,  18.30 pm
Appunti Musicali | Schumann e le sue personalità


Solèart Management is partner of Accademia di Romania for the educational project "Appunti Musicali" organized by the Italian-Russian pianist and musicologist Daria Trofanchouk.

The Lecture-Concert is a lesson addressed to adults and children which lasts about an hour held by Maestro Daria Trofanchouk in collaboration with professional musicians. The aim of the project is to teach the life, personality and role of the great composers in the history of music, transmitting all the basic concepts needed to spark interest in the classical musical creations.

The third lecture-concert entitled "Schumann e le sue personalità" will take place at the concert hall of Accademia di Romania in Roma (Piazza Josè de San Martin 1, 00197 Roma), being dedicated to the entire artistic activity of the brilliant Austriac composer.




Daria Trofanchouk piano
Antonia Moldovan, soprano
Svetlana Trofanchouk, mezzosoprano
With the participation of the young pianist Matteo Coricciati






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