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September 2016 - European Tour

25.09 | Paris | Apollo Théârte, 8.00 pm

26.09 | London | Sadler's Wells, 7.45 pm

28.09 | Bruxelles | BOZAR, 8.00 pm

A performance by Gigi Căciuleanu

Text: Tristan Tzara (Translated into Romanian by Ion Pop)

Staging, choreography, set design, costumes, musical montage, drawings: Gigi Caciuleanu

Assistant: Lelia Marcu Vladu

Lights: Cristian Petru Simon / Video: Andrei Ştefan Florea

With: Gigi Căciuleanu, Lari Giorgescu

Dance, poetry, philosophy. In a word: choreographic theater. A living and current performance marked "Gigi Caciuleanu", one of the most original artists and international choreographers of Romanian origins.

The performance is inspired by the first part of the text «L’homme approximatif» of Tristan Tzara, founder, 100 years ago, of the Dadaistic movement.

For just over an hour, the two actors / dancers, Gigi Caciuleanu and Lari Giorgescu invite the public into their world, a Dada universe revisited with poetry and movement.

The text of Tristan Tzara was cut into pieces, and then reassembled in the manner of «Gigi», who proceeded with the text of Tristan Tzara, as the latter proceeded with a newspaper at random, in order to «make a Dadaist poem».

The result is a dance and theater performance whose ingredients are: energy, humor, self-irony, emotion. And obviously «the heat the word weaves around its kernel», the poetry that, according to Tristan Tzara, is «the only state of immediate truth».

Gigi Caciuleanu

Dancer, Coreographer, Writer, Professor

After graduating from The Choreography School of Bucharest, he participates at an internship training at Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Along with the academic dances, which he has been studying as official disciplines, he discovers and performs the avant-garde dance of Miriam Răducanu. The shows „Nocturn 9 ½ˮ are still present in the memory of the public. As soloist of the Bucharest National Opera, he performs roles from the academic repertoire, but also becomes the leading dancer of some ballets especially created for him. In 1973 he is hired in Germany as a guest teacher and choreographer at Folkwang Ballet, whose director was Pina Bausch, and after a short time he also received an invitation to teach his own contemporary technique at the International Dance Centre «Rosela Haightower» in Cannes. In 1974 he decides to remain in France as a director of the Ballet «Grand Théâtre de Nancy». In 1978 he becomes the founding member and the director of The National Choreography Center in Rennes / France, a position he will keep for 15 years along with his artistic collaborator, the actor, director and stage designer, Dan Mastacan. In 1993 he creates – in partnership with Dan Mastacan - the «Gigi Caciuleanu Company » in Paris. Between 2001 and December 2012 he works as choreographer and artistic director of The Chilean National Ballet in Santiago. His new "Gigi Caciuleanu Romanian Dance Company" is a crew along with whom Gigi has been dancing all around the country and even in Paris, Bruxelles, London, Lisbon… ever since the company saw the lights of the stage in 2007, in Bucharest, produced by Art Production Foundation. With a record of over 300 choreographies, he continues his carrier as guest and brings life to trainings and academies all over the world. In 2012, he becomes Honoris Causa Professor at The Arts Academy from Tg. Mureș / Romania. As an author: His Choreo-Sofy essay, "Wind, Volumes, Vectors", was published in 2002 by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Chile, and in Romania at the publishing company „Curtea Vecheˮ and translated in French and Italian His texts and poems are weekly published since 2008 in the on-line

Lari Giorgescu

Actor, dancer

Lari Giorgescu studied at the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. While still a student, he began his collaboration with choreographer Gigi Căciuleanu for “OuiBaDa” (2007) and “Ta Ra Ta Tam”(2012). He had the chance to meet and work with legendary dancer Miriam Răducanu, who fundamentally shaped his artistic personality and with whom he produced the dance show “Poetry of Dreams”. Currently an actor of the National Theatre in Bucharest, Lari Giorgescu also collaborated with the Comedy and Excelsior Theatres in Bucharest and is a constant appearance on the independent stage. He worked with a whole range of directors such as Ion Caramitru, Ion Lucian, Cătălina Buzoianu, Horaţiu Mălăele, Dan Puric, Ioana Păun or Silvian Vâlcu. Lari Giorgescu was several times nominated for his activity by The Romanian Association of Theatre Artists (UNITER) and he is a recipient of the “Maria Filotti” Prize at the HOP Gala for the Youg Artists. This year, Lari Giorgescu collaborated with Gigi Căciuleanu for "Folia, Shakespeare & Co" and "L'om Dada".

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Apollo Théâtre Paris:

Sadler's Wells London:

BOZAR Bruxelles:

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