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A minute of dance or...OOF!!!

London |Saddler's Wells, Lilian Baylis

7.00 pm - Gigi Caciuleanu Romania Dance Company

"The mounting of a choreographic piece is almost finished. All it missed is one minute of dance, before the final part. The choreograph will reinvent this minute of dance at every show, in the presence of the audience. The protagonists, the composer of the music and the couple of dancers will have to rise up to the challenge, adapt to the "state of emergency" and fantasy in the moment, having to memorize both the choreographic and the musical part, both of them invented on the spot, to integrate and interpret, to the best of their ability. So we can present it immediately to the audience in its final form. With every show, the choreographer and the composer will have to put their feet in cold water so that they are able to produce every time, in the presence of the audience, something completely different. The music belongs to the "orchestra man" Paul Ilea (SENSOR / KULT STUDIO) whom the choreographer asked to start from the themes of his very famous and popular colleague in music and playfulness: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But also to develop it in his own way with "loving irreverence". The whole concept of the show revolves around the complicated and often "mad" creating process necessary to obtain even one single minute of dance. Because of this every night improvisation, in order to create one minute of dance, the shows will become very different one from the other. AND, THEREFORE, EVERY SHOW WILL BE UNIQUE A re-creation in every night, for the audience... The torment of creation for the artists! OOF!!!" Gigi Căciuleanu

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